Mandello del Lario offers the opportunity to enjoy the lake with its more than 3 km of shore.   Mandello del Lario offers the opportunity to enjoy the lake with its more than 3 km of shore. The residential area on the lake, also known as "Low Mandello", is a village with a characteristic atmosphere thanks to its alleys, typical buildings and small ports. The bell tower of the Church of Saint Lawrence is what remains of one of the 4 defensive towers of the ancient village.
Particularly beautiful are the porticoes overlooking Piazza Italia (or Piazza Imbarcadero) and the "Riva Granda".
A few hundred meters away, the so-called Mill Area by the lake recalls the preindustrial origin of this territory. In fact, these settlements arose along the "Rongia" (roggia: artificial canal) and were characterized by the presence of numerous hydraulic wheels used for the milling of olives, cereals and for the production of mechanical and electrical energy for mechanical workshops and spinning wheels. Of the three canals, today only two remain.

Viale giardini

The public gardens are a large and romantic green area located between the ancient village of Mandello del Lario and the Lido. During the summer, various types of events take place in this area. The area is also equipped for the weekly market, periodic markets and has a playground for children. At the end of the Viale dei giardini, immediately after the old fountain and the Meria river, you will find the Lido. A well-equipped area with a small bar, a covered area for dining and a large beach.
At the entrance to the public gardens, in the lake area, there is one of the most important symbols of the town: the cannon of Mandello del Lario.

The Cannon

There is not much information regarding the cannon, but it probably has a strict connection with the ancient history of the village.
Discovered during excavations near the port of Genoa by the enterprise of Luigi Alippi, originally from Maggiana (hamlet of Mandello del Lario), it was bought by Domenico Comini, owner of a small workshop located in Tonzanico of Mandello del Lario, and donated by him to the "Pro Mandello" which moved it in the 1950s near the new port.
Today the cannon is mounted on an iron carriage, although the original model was made of wood.
On the first reinforcement it has engraved the weight of the firearm as well as a "P" under a crown that looks like a test mark, applied after the test to judge whether the piece of artillery was adequate or not.
On the second we can find the Monogram of George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland (1760-1801).
Copia di Il cannone
The inlets of the coast, including the opposite bank in the hamlet of Moregallo, are very popular pebble beaches.
Olcio is located to the north of Mandello del Lario, on the coast, with its ancient village, its long shore and its popular pier.
Mandello del Lario is an exception compared to other Italian municipalities as it extends on two shores of the lake: on the west bank of the branch of Lecco (Lake Como) is the small hamlet of Moregallo (less than 100 residents), in the past one of the holiday resorts of rich residents of Mandello and used by the residents of "Low Mandello" for the supply of timber. Moregallo is today a popular summer resort, thanks to its beautiful beaches, very popular especially among the most experienced divers.
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