Every year Mandello del Lario hosts a variety of motorcycling events related to the famous Moto Guzzi brand.
The most anticipated and appreciated event is definitely the Motoraduno Guzzi (Moto Guzzi International Motorcycle Rally) in September.
The first rally was held in Milan on May 8, 1927, with over 700 motorcycles from all over Italy. Among the most significant rallies are the one of 1949, held in Mandello del Lario, with more than 14,000 people and 12,660 “Guzzini”.
After a long break, in 1977 the newborn Motoclub Carlo Guzzi, under the direction of former rider Duilio Agostini, organized the first national rally in Mandello del Lario, which also saw the presence of many foreign enthusiasts. Given the success of the event, Duilio Agostini decided to organize other three rallies in the following years.
With the passing of time, the Mandello del Lario International Motorcycle Rally has become an annual event, in which special anniversaries of the eagle brand are celebrated with the arrival of thousands of fans from all over the world.
Today, a special committee is in charge of this event, composed of the Moto Guzzi clubs of Mandello, other local associations and the municipal administration.

Motoraduno, folla in piazza al concerto - Mandello

In 2016, the Motorcycle Rally celebrated its 95th edition with over twenty thousand motorcyclists and many events dedicated to the legendary brand.

International Motorcycle Rally Committee

Established in March 2016 as a non-profit organization, the Comitato Motoraduno Internazionale (International Motorcycle Committee) aims to promote and facilitate the organization of the International Motorcycle Rally organized every year in Mandello del Lario to celebrate the famous Moto Guzzi brand. The committee also promotes other events of a sporting and cultural nature that are organized on the occasion of the rally.
The members of the Committee are: Fasoli Riccardo (Mayor of the Municipality of Mandello del Lario), Benzoni Silvia (Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Mandello del Lario), Patrignani Franco (Delegate City of Motors for the Municipality of Mandello del Lario), Greppi Sergio (President of Moto Club Carlo Guzzi) and Lafranconi Roberto (Delegate), Bonacina Stefano (President of Guzzi Club) and Zucchi Fabrizio (Delegate), Zuccoli Luigi (President of the Associazione Motociclistica I Laghee) and Sala Stefano (Delegate), Balzarotti Angelo (President of the Moto Club Moto Guzzi GP) and Cantoni Luca (Delegato), Zucchi Renato (President of G.A.L. Luzzeno) and Ivano Compagnoni (Delegate), Rinaldo Citterio (President of Pro Loco Mandello del Lario), Alberto Agliati (Owner of the Moto Guzzi official dealer of Mandello del Lario).
Every year, in the second weekend of September, the Committee organizes several events that are meant to welcome and entertain all visitors on the occasion of the big rally that celebrates the birth of the golden eagle.

Logo Comitato Motoraduno Guzzi Mandello


International Motorcycle Rally Committee of Mandello del Lario Official WebsiteInternational Motorcycle Rally Committee of Mandello del Lario Official Website

The rumble of the Engines

Every year, thanks to the Moto Club GP, the Municipal Administration and Moto Guzzi fans, you can also see rare models of Moto Guzzi bikes in action.
In fact, in addition to the Lodola, the Stornello, the Zigolo, the Galletto, the Falconi, the Aironi and the Sidecar, over the years we have also seen some special prototypes such as the military 3x3, the famous mechanical mule, or the legendary 8-cylinder.
The event is organized every year during the weekend after the date of the foundation of the Società Anonima Moto Guzzi in Genoa (March 15, 1921).
Hundreds of spectators can thus see and hear the rumble of the motorcycles of the golden years, when the brand won on all the circuits.
Frigerio accende la 8 cilindri - Moto Guzzi Mandello

Lord of the bikes

Thanks to the collaboration of Sky, in 2016 and 2017 the successful series of "Lord of the Bikes" was screened in Mandello del Lario at the local Movie Theater "Fabrizio De Andrè". In addition to the series, the audience was entertained with the screening of curious and rare clips linked to the golden eagle brand.