Gine Mandello

The Ginèe (January) is a cloth puppet filled with rags that represents the winter: every 31st of January, after the coldest days of the season, the puppet is taken through the streets of the village, accompanied by tin cans that reproduce the traditional noise that accompanies the burning of the Gineè. The tradition, which unites several municipalities not only in the Lake Como area, has been handed down for several generations and is especially enjoyed by little ones, amused by the chaos and noise of the bells and tin cans. This tradition has ancient roots: it symbolizes the awakening of nature after the winter months, beating the earth to arouse the seeds and finally burning the "Ginèe", thus defeating the winter. As the flames rise high in the sky, people drink mulled wine and eat traditional sweets.
When: January 31st
Where: The Ginèe takes place in several places of Mandello. The main Ginèe puppet is burnt in Mandello in the "Poncia" area (Lake area); then there are those burned in Somana, Maggiana, Olcio and Rongio.




Traditional carnival parade of masked children through the streets of the town. The afternoon is animated by the boys of the oratories, who prepare for the occasion also a carnival float. At the end of the parade there is a traditional snack for the little ones.
When: Mandello del Lario follows the Roman rite.
Where: In the streets of Mandello del Lario.


Dance Festival

Under the artistic direction of the "Brianza Danza Festival", since 2016, during the summer, Mandello hosts for two weeks a series of events that transform the town into the capital of dance and culminate in the “White Night” of dance.
In the squares and streets of the town there are stages, competitions, performances and dances of all kinds: classical dance, modern-jazz dance, Risorgimento dances, country, hip-hop and breakdance, tango and Latin American, flamenco and much more.
On this occasion, the town is animated by the most varied performances by street artists and bars and restaurants remain open until night.
When: July
Where: In the streets, the squares and some of the beautiful Art Nouveau villas of Mandello del Lario
For more information, you can visit the Brianza Danza Festival Website.


Crossing of the Lake

The Crossing of the Lake is one of the traditional events of Mandello. For more than twenty years, in fact, every month of July, on one of the first Sundays, there has been a swim crossing of the lake from Onno to Mandello del Lario.
Traversata del lago

Every year the event sees the participation of hundreds of athletes, both amateurs and professionals, and is organized by the local Pro Loco Association.
The event is so popular that it has been growing more and more over the years: the 2017 edition consisted of 3 different crossings:

- 22nd Edition of the Onno/Mandello Lake Crossing  (1500 m). Non-competitive.
- 1st Edition of the Mandello/Onno/Mandello Lake Crossing (3000 m). Non-competitive.
- 5th Edition (“Tutor Edition”) of the Lake Crossing for kids from 6 to 13 years old accompanied by a tutor. From the lido to the finish line of the traditional Lake Crossing (350 m).

When: on one of the first Sundays of July
Where: from Onno to Mandello del Lario – Piazza Garibaldi Dock.
More information: Pro Loco Association Website / Facebook


St. Lawrence Patron Saint's Festival

Mandello fuochi San Lorenzo

On August 10th, Mandello del Lario celebrates his Patron Saint, St. Lawrence. For the occasion, in addition to the religious celebrations in the St. Lawrence Church and to the traditional blessing of the lake, the homonymous parish organizes the traditional Patron Saint’s Festival, with traditional food and music. Throughout the Lake area there are several events: a performance by the Mandello Band, the craft markets, performances by street artists. In recent years, in the Poncia area, the Gruppo Astrofili Deep Space di Lecco (Deep Space Stargazers Club of Lecco) has made available its own telescope, giving tourists and curious people the opportunity to look up the sky in search of the famous shooting stars of St. Lawrence, often referred to as “the tears of Saint Lawrence” (which, according to tradition, give the possibility to express a wish). Also the Gruppo Manzoniano Lucie (Manzoniano Lucie Club), another local association, has made available its own “Lucie” (the traditional boats of Lake Como), organizing special tours on the lake. The most anticipated event, however, is the spectacular fireworks display at 10 pm.
When: August 10th
Where: Mandello del Lario, Lake area

St. Roch Festival

Every year, on August 16th , Mandello del Lario hosts the traditional St. Roch Festival, a large fair that takes place in the Lake area, along Piazza Garibaldi, Via Medaglie Olimpiche, and Via del Porto.
When: August 16th
Where: Mandello del Lario, Lake area

Sonica Festival

In the final days of the summer, usually a weekend of September, the Sonica Association organizes a three-day music Festival aimed mainly at young people, with both local and foreign artists. In recent years, the Sonica Festival has brought to Mandello del Lario renowned names of Italian music like Piotta and 99 Posse. However, the Festival is not just about music, but also art, culture and of course traditional cuisine. Since 2017, the Association has been also involved in the organization, in collaboration with the movie theater of Bellano and the Municipality of Mandello, of cinematographic musical-themed street festivals in some of the most beautiful locations of Mandello. When: September Where: Piazza del Mercato, Lake area More information: Sonica Association Facebook Page


Moto Guzzi International Motorcycle Rally

Moto raduno folla in piazzo concerto

The highlight of the Mandello summer is represented by the unmissable appointment with the glorious Moto Guzzi. The appointment is surrounded  by a variety of cultural events and spectacular events dedicated to motorcyclists arriving from all over the world riding the legendary motorbike! The Moto Guzzi International Motorcycle Rally is, in fact, a weekend of emotions and joy, organized in an atmosphere that captures every motorcyclist or visitor through the charm of an Italian story made of nearly one hundred years of motorcycles, races and opportunities. The event is organized by the Comitato Motoraduno Internazionale (International Motorcycle Rally Committee), composed of local associations, institutions and Moto Guzzi clubs.
When: September
Where: Mandello del Lario
For more information: you can visit the website of the Comitato Motoraduno Internazionale or the dedicated section of this website. 

Other Celebrations

Almost every weekend of June and July, in addition, Mandello del Lario hosts the celebrations of the many local associations: in Piazza del Mercato, a few steps from the public gardens, there is a kitchen service with recreational / musical events. Likewise, the different hamlets of Mandello del Lario host the traditional village festivals, among which we can mention:
- the Molina Festival, organized along via Cesare Battisti, in the old historical center;
- the Tower Festival, a biennial event organized by Gamag – Gruppo Amici di Maggiana (Group Friends of Maggiana) that animates the hamlet of Maggiana and the much-loved Barbarossa Tower. The event includes panel displays representing the different figures of medieval society, a series of historical reenactments with fairs of ancient crafts and tournaments among warriors in armor with herald and squires. The festival is open to the public starting from 2.30 pm on Saturday and from 10.00 am on Sunday. There is also an exhibition organized by A.R.S. Associazione Rievocazioni Storiche (Association of Historical Reenactments).
Within the Festival, there are also other activities such as the traditional tasting of the paradell, a typical dessert of the local gastronomy, a well-stocked kitchen service, as well as music, folk dances and the much anticipated historical reenactment of the visit of Federico Barbarossa.
- the Sant’Abbondio Festival in the hamlet of Somana where, in addition to the religious celebrations characterized by the solemn vespers, there are also recreational and culinary activities that includes the classic raviolata (tasting of ravioli) in the parish Oratory.
In winter, on December 8th, the traditional Festival of the Associations of Mandello is held in Molina. In addition to the exhibitions of the more than eighty associations that enliven the social life of Mandello, you can attend the concert of the folk group "L'Allegra Brigadata", in the churchyard of St. Roch Church, and the concert of the Project Rock School. Moreover, you will have the chance to taste the traditional tripe, mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. There are also photographic exhibitions and entertainment for the little ones.
At the end of the celebrations, there is the traditional launch of Santa's balloons, during which hundreds of children throw their Christmas letters ... hoping that their wishes will come true!


Ice Skating Rink

Every year, from the first days of December up to the first days of January, in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, in front of the Town Hall, there is a small ice skating rink that gives everybody the possibility to enjoy themselves and have fun. The initiative has been very successful since 2015.
When: from December 6th to January 6th
Where: Piazza Leonardo da Vinci
Entrance: ticket with entrance fee


Candlelight Walk in Manavello

A picturesque night walk, with torches or candles, in the woods up to the top of Zucco di Manavello: at the end of the walk, you will be offered mulled wine, panettone and hot tea. To conclude the event, there is the traditional lighting of the comet star that illuminates Mandello del Lario.
Where: departure from Rongio; arrival at the top of Zucco di Manavello
When: December 23rd


Christmas Floats

Every year, on Christmas Eve, you can attend the traditional Christmas float parade along the streets of the town, accompanied by the music of the Corpo Musicale Mandellese (Band of Mandello)
When: December 24th
Where: In the streets of Mandello del Lario


Wine Cellar Tour in Olcio

A wine and food itinerary organized by the local association "Olciosportiva" which allows to rediscover the charm of the ancient wine cellars of the region. An event dedicated to wine, local dishes and products and music. The initiative has been very successful in the last few years. Within the event, which attracts many people every year, there are also photographic themed exhibitions and performances by local musical and artistic groups.
When: in the spring or autumn months
Where: in the cellars of Olcio, Mandello del Lario
Entrance: ticket with registration fee


Flea Market

On the first Sunday of each quarter, Mandello hosts a flea market. As well as an excellent opportunity to preserve the noble spirit of recycling and reuse, the market is an opportunity particularly appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors.
When: the first Sunday of each quarter (four annual editions)
Where: Piazza del Mercato, Lake area next to the public gardens
For more information: visit the dedicated section on the website of the Municipality of Mandello del Lario.